Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship 2015

May 29

LBHS Girls Bball team with Beth The Beth Johnston Scholarship award 5-19-2015 003May 19th at Lemon Bay High School was Awards and Scholarships Presentation night. For the third consecutive year the Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship of $1000 was awarded to a student who volunteered in the community more than 250 hours during their high school career. This year’s recipient was Kacyn Shirley. Kacyn was among the girls basketball players that came to visit Beth at Hospice House. She was also the female athlete of the year for the school. Beth’s wonderful friend Susan Franklin presented the scholarship with me. Thank you Susan and congratulations Kacyn!

Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship 2014

May 7

Hello Team Beth members. Last night was the Lemon Bay High School Senior awards and scholarship program. As you know the annuity now covers the $1000 scholarship annually. This year the school asked to split the money between two deserving graduating seniors. Both of these student knew Beth. Jessica Collins and Jay Harrison were the recipients. They did not know they were getting the scholarship in Beth’s name. It was not until we were on stage behind the curtain about to be announced that they figured it out. Beth’s and my wonderful friend Susan Franklin and I presented the certificate of the scholarship. It was a great experience and both Susan and I plan to make the presentation again next year. Thanks for checking the Team Beth website once again. All the best to you!!!!!!!!!!!! With all my love and respect.

More regarding Project Graduation

September 11

Hello again everyone. I received an email from our wonderful friend Beth Harrison who is very active in the Englewood community and Project Graduation. Please just let me share the email with you. It says it all. Thanks very much.

Dear Ed,

I am so excited to be able to share the news that the LBHS Project Graduation, Inc. Board of D…irectors has established the Lemon Bay High School Project Graduation – Beth Johnston Memorial Fund with the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. We were able to do this through the generosity of so many who gave memorial gifts for Beth to Project Graduation.

We contacted our 3 area community foundations (Charlotte Community Foundation, Gulf Coast Community Foundation and the Community Foundation of Sarasota County) to discuss our desire to establish a permanent endowment fund in memory of Beth to benefit LBHS Project Graduation in perpetuity. Based on past investment performance, fee structure and spending policy we felt that the Community Foundation of Sarasota County was the best organization to partner with. You can learn more about them at

We were able to establish the fund with an initial gift of $10,000. The foundation has a 5% spending policy so on an annual basis they will distribute 5% of the balance to LBHS Project Graduation to support that year’s Project Graduation event. Just think, long after you and I and everyone who is currently involved with Project Graduation are long gone, this fund will exist to benefit future generations of LBHS graduates in Beth’s name!

Additional gifts can always be added to the fund to help it grow. The community foundation has a good track record of investment performance so our hope is that it will continue to grow over the years. We are going to put a press release together soon to announce the establishment of the fund and I have provided the Foundation with Beth’s photograph as well as a copy of the wonderful article that Eric Ernst had written in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune so they will have good information in their files.

Pretty cool, huh? We were thrilled to be able to get this accomplished.
Beth Harrison

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The Community Foundation of Sarasota County is a public charity that provides innovative community leadership by encouraging permanent charitable endowment.
By Community Foundation of Sarasota County|

Rotary Donation in Beth’s Name

September 11

Hello friends.  I hope you are all well on this beautiful Wednesday night. 

Last week Jim Scott of the Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary called me and wanted to know where to send their $1000 donation to Team Beth.  I told

Jim that the donation should be made to another worthy cause.  Team Beth has fully funded the Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship at

Lemon Bay High School.  We talked further and the suggestion was made that the donation go to Project Graduation in Beth’s name.  What

a terrific gift to a great cause.  Thank you so much to all the members of the Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary.  You are all the best!!!



There are no words

June 19

Presentation of first Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship

May 8

Hello friends. Please take 2 minutes and watch the presentation of the first Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship. The recipient is Kylie Bryan who Beth knew from the Lemon Bay High School girls basketball team. We are very please that Kylie was the winner. Thanks very much.

The Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship

April 15

Hello everyone.  The Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship is in place starting this year at Lemon Bay High School.  This first year it will pay $500 to a graduating senior heading to college.  The criteria is that they volunteered a minimum of 250 hours during their four year high school career.  There will be about 10 students who qualify this year.  The winner will be selected randomly by picking a name out of a hat. The awards ceremony at the school is May 7th.

Using money left in the Team Beth account and putting other money with it, I invested with Wells Fargo.  Starting May 2014 the scholarship will pay $1000 and will every year there after.  It is a very nice legacy of Beth.  Thank you all for your support of Beth, Team Beth, and of me.   As Beth would say …..I love you all.

The following is the letter the recipient will receive so they will know a little of who Beth was and why the scholarship was created.

The Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations on winning the Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship. It means that you have contributed your valuable time as a volunteer to the Englewood community during your high school career. It also means that you have met the requirements for graduation from Lemon Bay High School and that you will be attending college. Congratulations for those accomplishments as well.

You may not have known Beth Johnston for whom this scholarship is named yet in a way you had a connection to her. Like you, Beth was a volunteer. She focused on Lemon Bay High School and was active in The Sixth Man Club that supported the boys basketball team, Take Stock in Children that mentored to students, and Project Graduation the party you will attend following graduation that will provide a safe and secure way to celebrate this important milestone in your life. Beth did not just put in time with these organizations, she lived them and gave so much time and effort that it became her full time occupation. She absolutely loved what she did. Beth made a difference in the lives of many and in the Englewood community. As you go through life perhaps from time to time you will reflect upon winning the Beth Johnston Memorial Scholarship. You might recall your volunteer efforts during high school. Hopefully you have recognized that you have been enriched by serving others and you will, like Beth did, continue to offer your time and effort to the community.

Beth Johnston died at the age of 54 on January 15, 2013 of pancreatic cancer. She had no regrets.


Ed Johnston

Memorial Service

March 26

Hello everyone. The memorial service was a happy and a sad time. I was great to see so many friends. Beth would have truly enjoyed it.

Thank you Sally Lutz for singing If You Could See Me Now. You were wonderful. On behalf of all that attended…Thank You.

From the attached link please enjoy the pictures and music.
Thank you all for your love and support.


March 14

Hello friends. I hope you are all well. I have two dishes that came to my home during Beth’s illness. Thank you very much for the good stuff. But now it is time for owners of these dishes to claim them. Sorry I did not do better keeping up with who’s is who. Please let me know if either of these belong to you. Thanks very much.

Memorial Service for Beth

March 3

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming back to the Team-Beth website yet once again.

The Memorial Service for Beth will be:

Sunday, March 24th, 2013
Englewood United Methodist Church
700 East Dearborn Street
Englewood, FL 34223.

The service is scheduled to be about 35 minutes followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall at the church. I look forward to seeing you all. Thank you very much

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